The Hidden Threat to Your Hormones

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Wireless communication – otherwise known as Wi-Fi, or electromagnetic frequency (EMF) – impacts every hormone you have.  How can this be?  According to Dr. Martin Pall, PhD, effects occur at levels below safety guidelines.  Most of the safety testing is based on thermal effects, i.e. how much does a particular energy raise the temperature of something in its field?  And, if you just look at thermal effects, Wi-Fi has little effect.  But, various forms of EMF have other biochemical and bioenergetic effects that don’t involve thermal energy.

EMF activates the electrically sensitive, voltage-gated calcium channels in your cells, allowing calcium to enter the cells in a way that the body can’t control.  Higher intracellular calcium is excitatory, causing insomnia, anxiety, depression, early dementia, changes in heart rhythm, increased oxidative stress, increased free radical damage, cellular DNA damage resulting in cancer and birth defects, among other things.

Dr. Pall lists several areas of impact:

  1.  Reproductive system
    1. Decreased fertility
    2. Changes in testicular structure:  decreased sperm count, decreased sperm motility, decreased sperm quality
    3. Changes in ovarian structure:  decreased numbers of ova (eggs)
    4.  increased spontaneous miscarriages
    5. Decreased estrogen, decreased testosterone, decreased progesterone
    6. Decreased libido
  1. Hormone effects
    1. Damaging effects on every hormone system:  thyroid, adrenal, pancreas (blood sugar control), male and female hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone)
  1. Cellular DNA damage via peroxynitrite free radicals
    1. Leading to cancer, DNA mutations, birth defects.  When these mutations occur in ova and sperm, these mutations can be inherited
  1.  Cardiac effects
    1. Tachycardia (heart rate that is too fast), bradycardia (heart rate that is too slow), arrhythmias, sudden cardiac deaths
  1. Neurologic changes
    1. Early onset Alzheimer’s and dementias
    2. Autism
    3. ADD, ADHD
    4. Insomnia
    5. Anxiety, depression
    6. Fatigue
    7. Brain fog
    8. Eye and hearing problems

How are you exposed to EMF?

    Anything that can send a message without a wire or cable is considered wireless.  It’s the wireless forms of energy that create the most problems.  These include:

  • Cell phones
  • Wireless routers
  • Cordless phones
  • Wireless laptops, wireless printers, tablets, wireless gaming devices
  • Smart doorbells, cameras, wireless baby monitors, TV’s and cable boxes
  • Smart meters, smart appliances, smart speakers
  • Smart watches and fitness trackers

The problem today is that it’s hard to avoid EMF.  Most offices, businesses, retail stores, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops all use Wi-Fi.  So, the first step is to control your own environment and reduce your exposure in your home, especially while you are sleeping – when your body is repairing and regenerating, and your brain is detoxing.

Here are some practical steps:

  1.  Put your cell phones, tablets and computers in airplane mode overnight (or turn them off).
  2. Turn off your wireless router at night.  You can do this manually, or plug it into a timer that will do it automatically for you.  
  3. Get rid of Wi-Fi completely in your home – go back to using Ethernet cables.  MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) allows you to use your existing cable TV coax wiring to run an internet signal throughout your home.  
  4. If you need a baby monitor, make sure it’s one that requires a wire or cable to transmit its signal.  
  5. Put electronic devices like phones and tablets and gaming systems in airplane mode when kids are playing with them.  
  6. Keep the cell phone away from your head when you are talking to someone – use the speakerphone option, or send a text.  Wireless headsets and ear buds are not a good solution, nor are wired earphones – but you can get earphones that use air tubes instead, that will not conduct an electric signal into your ears.
  7. Don’t carry your cell phone in your bra or pocket (especially the front pants pocket for men).  The further these devices are away from your body, the better.  I have a HaraPad cell phone shield that I carry in my purse, between my phone and my body.
  8. If you use a laptop on your lap, use a laptop shield under the computer.   Harapad is just one of the sources for these.
  9. If you are pregnant, get a blanket you can put over your belly to protect your baby from EMF when you are using wireless devices.  The EMF Academy has a nice review on the subject
  10. Opt out of smart meters if your utility company offers you the option.
  11. Keep your landline phone, and get an old fashioned, corded phone.  The cordless phone bases emit a lot of EMF, so you want to get rid of those.  
  12. Be deliberate about exposing yourself to natural energy sources like sunlight (sunlight exposure, especially in the mornings, is important for your circadian rhythms), and grounding (connecting yourself to the earth’s surface charges).  Do as much outside as possible, even if you are working in the shade with an Ethernet cable.  

For more information:

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Larry Gust is one of a new generation of Building Biologists, indoor environmental specialists who can help individuals manage wireless exposure in home and office. He offers a number of informative blogs on his website

To Your Health,

Patty Powers MD