Ever since my child was diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases two years ago, Dr. Patricia Powers has been dedicated to helping me monitor and improve her health each step of the way. Clear expectations for treatment were established early on during daily conversations for multiple weeks while I was learning how to care for and treat my child with Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac, and Hashimoto. The educational learning experiences continue to present themselves during frequent conversations with Dr. Powers. There has never been a moment when I felt isolated from help with these life-changing and life-threatening diseases. During every experience with Dr. Powers, I feel like our needs are immediately addressed and a wealth of knowledge is always shared with me including the most up-to-date traditional treatments and alternative holistic methods. Her vision of good healthy life styles has impacted and positively changed the lives of my family members, friends, and even people in my community who lend an ear to listen to what I’ve learned all because of her. Had Dr. Powers not come into our lives that day in January of 2013, I don’t believe my daughter would be as healthy as she is now. She is truly a blessing in the midst of these challenges. We will be forever thankful for and indebted to her.

  • Claire Locke, parent

Over the past 10 years form a child to an adult, Dr. Powers has always treated me with the utmost respect and care for my health and well-being. She is very knowledgeable and up to date in her field of expertise, which provides her patients with the best of professional care. Dr. Powers is a good listener and is willing to go the extra mile. I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Powers, and highly recommend her to all!

  • Anna

Dr. Powers has been a wonderful addition to our family as our son’s endocrinologist. She went over and beyond to investigate and diagnose early symptoms of his diabetes. She never stopped at the one diagnosis. She searched for any underlying issues or diseases that could be the cause or affecting his diabetes. By fulling examining every option and test, we found a total of 3 autoimmune diseases and gut issues. She has been a blessing for my family and always a call away for any questions or concerns we need!

  • Mindy Plymale