Let Me Help You

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[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Are you tired of taking pills for your thyroid problems, but never getting better?[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Have you been to doctor after doctor, looking for help, but still feel there is still something wrong?[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Are you having side effects from your medications and want to try something new?[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Would you like to stop taking some of your medications because you don’t need them anymore?[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Are your thyroid lab tests normal, but you still don’t feel right?[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Have you tried every diet in the book but can’t get the pounds off?[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Are you ready to look beyond a pill for your symptoms, and investigate the underlying causes? And learn what to do about them?[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Would you like to have better blood sugar control[/li_item]


If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you! I want to work with people who are ready to be active partners in their quest for health. As a pediatric endocrinologist, I take care of young people with the terrible too’s: too heavy, too light, too tall, too short, too early, too late.

I treat people who want help with

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[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Thyroid problems [/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Weight control[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Metabolic syndrome [/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Prediabetes[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Diabetes, both type 1 and Type 2[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Adrenal disorders[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Polycystic ovarian syndrome[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] PMS[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Menstrual cycle problems[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Fatigue[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Autoimmune disorders[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Food and environmental allergies[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Digestive disorders[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Acne[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Growth problems (short stature, tall stature)[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Abnormal pubertal development[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Failure to thrive, underweight[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”fa-check”] Eating disorders[/li_item]